Back to School- Where does grocery fit?

Brad McNamaraSep 17, '21

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-September.  It feels like the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, was last week. Wait, it was! 

While every “back to school” transition is tricky, school is not the only major life transition to deal with this year and that’s created a level of anxiety as we all struggle to create new routines, take care of our families and ourselves. We struggle with the constant time crunch and desire to feed our families just like you, our customers.  While it’s an exciting and intimidating task to try to relieve some of that pressure, help those who are struggling and bring joy to your grocery experience, we know it’s worth it.  

As you can imagine, all of us at Morrissey Market have been thinking a lot about where grocery shopping fits into the new world. It’s been an interesting topic because every family is different and every family is really just a collection of individuals.  On our team, we have everything from the “ultra foodie” family for whom talking food is a cherished family activity to the “treading water young parent family” who feed everyone each day and that’s a win. 

Our team has a great history, perspective and ability to deliver but the only way we will create something great is in service of our customers and our community.  As we build Morrissey Market for you, we judge ourselves on the fundamental elements of Quality, Convenience, Cost and Community which are easy to say but extremely hard to do.  We need your help to know what you like and what you don’t to get it right, for you!

As you get into the new routine, use the code “Labor Day” at check out for 5% off for the month of September!