Fall, Football and Food!

Fall, Football and Food!

Brad McNamaraSep 20, '21

Fall in New England is a special thing that’s impossible to explain to outsiders because it blends so many elements into a fantastic period of time.  We get the last summer crops and a taste of the fall harvest, it’s still warm enough to cook on the grill and relax outside for hours.  When you add the start of the football, it’s the quintessential tailgate season!

Tailgating in the strictest sense is going to an event and having a small party in the parking lot hosted out of the back of your car or truck.  But the broader concept is all about food and community. It’s should come as no surprise that we at Morrissey Market embrace all things tailgate!

The food at a tailgate party is meant to be shared, discussed, and enjoyed.  It’s as much a part of the party as the home team and the people.  Some people have elaborate dishes that are reserved for tailgating that require hours of preparation and years to perfect.  Dedication like that needs to be shared and celebrated.  For those of us who aren’t as dedicated to the craft but enjoy the party as much as anyone, we can skip the gas station chips and bring something more meaningful that we’re proud to put on the table.  

Internally, we’re debating the first tailgate recipe to focus on, source the ingredients from our partners, and make it super easy for you to buy.  The early-season favorite is a killer guacamole recipe that is delicious, simple to make but really makes an impression when everyone tastes it.

Let us know your favorite tailgate recipes and dishes so we can work our magic and get the best ingredients for your next tailgate party! If your suggestion is the winner, we’ll send you a special gift.