Our Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 and the food supply chain stopped.  Farmers and producers had fields and warehouses full of products intended for restaurants that were forced to close and couldn’t serve their customers.  Meanwhile, the people who pick, transport, cook, and serve those products could not get or afford food for their homes. 

The Katsiroubas and Shirazi families were faced with the dilemma of how to help farmers and producers get their goods to market, keep their teams employed, and feed many families in need. Katsiroubas Brothers Produce began procuring CSA-style produce boxes to sell directly to the public and donate to charitable organizations and when the government announced its Farmers to Families program, moved quickly to participate. Ted(Katsiroubas) and Josh(Shirazi) began working together to procure the products needed to complete the food boxes and forged partnerships with nonprofits such as the Chelsea Collaborative and Fresh Truck but they wanted a way to get the broader community involved. 

Morrissey Market has become the bridge that allows families to donate to carefully selected charities focusing on food insecurities while receiving restaurant-quality ingredients delivered directly to their homes.

Morrissey Market is on a mission to transform the grocery experience combining nearly 100 years of expertise, relationships, and access to unique producers to provide customers with only the best products that we bring home to our families each night.

We are dedicated to the values imparted by the generations before us who have passed down relationships with farmers, producers, and the community.  Everyone involved with Morrissey Market embraces our responsibility to the family business heritage built on a hard day’s work, humility, and the tireless pursuit of greatness for the customer. These characteristics are the backbone of Morrissey Market and drive us to always pursue greatness as our contribution to their legacy.