Wellness Croft

Wellness Croft Freeze-Dried Northeast Honeycrisp Eco-Apples


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1 oz. pouch

Hand-crafted in Plymouth, Mass., Wellness Croft produces freeze-dried fruit snacks with farmstand flavor. Focusing on locally sourced, sustainable plant-based products, the company prepares by hand small batches of delicious and nutritious freeze-dried products, including freeze-dried Honeycrisp apples. Exceptionally juicy and crunchy, Honeycrisp apples are sweet, yet slightly tart. Once freeze-dried, they are excellent for snacking and adding to salads or ice cream. Full of nutrition and flavor, these apples are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants.

Wellness Croft’s freeze-dried Honeycrisp apples are Eco Apple Certified, meaning the Connecticut farmers that provide these peaches use progressive environmentally responsible growing practices.