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Captain Marden's Fresh Organic Farm Raised Salmon Fillets (Scotland)


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Captain Marden’s Seafoods is a family-owned and operated business with a great reputation for bringing fresh, quality seafood to Boston-area markets. Straight from Scotland, these organic fresh farm raised salmon are full of flavor and have a colorful flesh ranging from light orange to deep red. With its distinctive flavor profile, salmon is excellent baked, grilled or poached, and will often taste buttery and citrusy. Salmon is a good protein source, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Captain Marden’s Seafoods fleet of trucks deliver daily to area restaurants and supermarkets from its wholesale operation located in Westwood, Massachusetts.

Staff Pick: Ted K.

"Anything from Captain Mardens. For me it’s an honor to distribute such high quality seafood. If I have to choose one it’s the organic salmon fillets."