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Rainbow Lunchbox


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For back to school season, we've got you covered with our Rainbow Lunchbox. Make their day a little more colorful (and healthy!) with our new sandwich box idea.

Chop the peppers and cucumbers lengthwise, about 2" long pieces.
Spread hummus on a tortilla. Layer on the peppers and cucumber over the hummus. Roll it up and cut crosswise.

Kids not digging a sandwich? Or they did yesterday but not today? Instead, use the ingredients separately. Pack pepper slices, tortilla triangles, and pretzels to dip into the hummus. Don't worry, tomorrow they might like sandwiches again.


  • Cucumber
  • Red Pepper
  • Orange Pepper
  • OMM Tortillas
  • OMM Pretzels Sea Salt
  • Just Hummus Original